Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Who We Are and What We Do

Northwest Montana Fair
The Foundation for Choice is an Illusion is a 501(c)3 public charity opposed to assisted suicide and euthanasia.  
In states such as Oregon and Washington, where assisted suicide and/or euthanasia is legal, the laws apply to people with years to live. The laws also provide cover for murder by requiring that deaths be reported as "Natural" no matter what the facts and without even a hint that the actual cause of death was assisted suicide or euthanasiaSuicide contagion is also a problem.
Your donation will be used to fund public interest litigation and/or to educate the public about problems with legalization. This includes purported palliative care, in which unsuspecting individuals are euthanized without consent. An example is James Mungas MD.
Our work has included a formal debate at Hofstra University Club in New York State, participating in a lawyers event in Washington State and public outreach at the Northwest Montana Fair. 
The fair was especially interesting. We spoke with several individuals who were considering assisted suicide for themselves. Two were older men who came to our booth about fifteen minutes apart. After learning more about the process, they changed their minds.
Special thanks to everyone who worked the fair including Lucinda Hardy of Columbia Falls, Gail Bell of Bozeman, and Linda Clark of Seattle. 
With your generous donations, we will continue to make a difference. Please donate now.

Margaret Dore, President
Foundation for Choice is an Illusion