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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Minnesota: Margaret Dore Beats the Odds

Hamline Mitchell panel
Dore at left
Click here to watch video
With the odds stack against her, Margaret Dore, Esq., MBA did an admirable job educating attendee's at an "End of Life Options Discussion Panel" sponsored by Mitchell Hamline Law School's Health Law Society in Saint Paul, Minnesota on Thursday evening.

The panel was comprised of three supporters of the Minnesota End of Life Options Act and Ms. Dore, who alone stood to expose the language of the bill and the reality of what that language has allowed in Washington State, where Ms. Dore is an attorney and president of Choice is an Illusion [and the Foundation for Choice is an Illusion]. Not only was she outnumber[ed] 3 to one on the panel, but pro-assisted death representatives had a fit when Ms. Dore attempted to share documentation for her talk and blocked her from handing it out.